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Sesteem is the first profit-for-purpose company in the world that will identify, finance and manage Social Enterprise projects on behalf of other not-for-profit organisations.

Based on many years of experience in establishing and managing SE businesses, the founders of Sesteem have developed a unique business model that will become financially self-sufficient through the growth of its Game Changers Development Fund. Most importantly, the model will provide a permanent income stream to participating NFPs, with no financial contribution from the NFP, allowing them to become free of grant dependency.

This represents a completely new approach to Social Enterprise.

Sesteem is based on a single basic principle:

You cannot generate cataclysmic social change at grass roots level: You have to be big and you have to be the boss! 

Our Initiatives


Homeless Starter Pack

Sesteem has developed a unique, low cost housing model aimed at eradicating homelessness through social enterprise.

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Try, Test & Learn 

Many homeless adults and at-risk youth do not have the opportunity to try out new skills that could put them a career path. The TTL centre will fill that gap. TTL Centre will consist of a series of equipped activity buildings and outdoor areas where anybody can come in and try their skills at a new activity. Activities will be coordinated by accredited volunteers supported by TAFE and, in some cases, universities.  

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