The term Game Changer is defined as ‘a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something’. Game Changers is a world–wide network of people that passionately want to bring significant change for the better into the lives of people less advantaged than ourselves.

Game Changers will become the permanent fund raising arm of Sesteem, run by a full time manager. All funds raised through Game Changers will go directly into the DF.

The goal is to build Game Changers into a world-wide network (almost like a club) of like-minded people and organisations that will finance and participate in Sesteem projects. Game Changers will have a distinct brand image to provide a feeling of unity.

The concept is to grow Game Changers into an organisation similar to Rotary, with many branches across different countries, which can combine forces to tackle any challenge.

Future Game Changers will be able to make financial donations to the Development Fund or a specific project, nominate projects for consideration, engage in projects as volunteers or, sometimes, paid experts and contribute ideas on how Sesteem and Game Changers might perform better.

The manager of Game Changers will have two distinct roles:

  • To be the Sesteem single point of contact with the managers of the Development Fund.
  • To carry out an intensive fund raising program on behalf of Sesteem, to continuously grow the Development Fund.