About Our Team

Learn all about the People that make Sesteem possible.

Barry Green

Founder, Civil Engineer, Team Member

Barry (73) graduated as a Civil Engineer in the UK in 1967. After graduating he worked extensively in Brazil and up and down the Amazon as a civil engineer in a team carrying out community development work for the United Nations. He implemented various construction projects including schools, community centres, sanitation programs and healthy water supply, before returning to the UK to work on a number of commercial projects.

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Danielle Grigg

Founder, Administrator, Team Member

Danielle currently runs her own social media consultancy, SociallyApt, advising companies and NFPs on how to maximize the potential of social media in their business, including web design and business management.

Danielle is excited about the potential of Social Enterprise in Australia and the possibilities that exist to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities.

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