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Long Term

A long-term goal of Sesteem is to establish several large Social Enterprise corporations.

There are currently three targets:

  • Insect Protein 100%
  • Inland Aquaculture 100%
  • Future Food Park 100%

Future Food Park

A Future Food Park will be a major tourist attraction based on high-tech food production. It will display the latest technologies from around the world, creating an inter-active, educational experience for visitors.

Insect Protein

The production of animal and fish feed from insect protein is gaining wide acceptance overseas. Nobody is currently doing anything in Australia. Sesteem has an in-principle agreement with a major insect protein manufacturer in the Netherlands and we are in the process of preparing a feasibility study into the viability of setting up a pilot manufacturing plant in Australia under licence from Proti-Farm. Please check out .

Inland Aquaculture

Sesteem has carried out extensive research into the possibilities of growing fish in remote locations. The technology is available and economically viable.

Other Business Opportunities

While the core Sesteem business model is based on food production, we will also explore innovative business opportunities that require a relatively low level of labour skills but can also be very lucrative.

These might include small goods production, 3D printing and component manufacture using fungi.