Aqua Caravan Park Redevelopment


Aqua was purchased by Woolworths in 2010 as a possible site for a Masters store. The Mandurah Masters store was eventually built on an alternative site. On the demise of Masters, Woolworths sold off all their sites. The ‘big box’ operating stores were bought by a group called Home Consortium. The remaining 19 sites, including Aqua, were purchased by the Spotlight group.

We came across the Aqua site through our involvement with H4Y, who were using an adjacent site for some of their activities. We identified Aqua as an ideal location for a low cost housing development because the entire basic infrastructure such as roads, water and power is all still in place – as are also many concrete foundation pads that would be suitable for our container home units.

We put together a proposal to Spotlight that we create a joint venture to develop the siteinto a new, low cost housing village, based on the Sesteem model.  On Thursday, 1st. June 2017, I met in Perth with Richard O’Brien (GM Property for Spotlight Property Group) and they agreed with the concept of our proposal.  Indeed, they are dead keen and will consider any proposal regarding JV, etc. that we might offer.

We are now working with the planners at Murray Shire on the concept of the village. We believe we can get at least 160 home units onto the site, plus swimming pool, tennis courts and other recreational facilities.  The creation of 160 new jobs for our residents will be a significant challenge but we are confident we can do it.

Our potential collaboration with Spotlight is very significant. Spotlight purchased 19 sites across the country and only wants to retain 10 of them.  They are keen to talk with us on how we might be able to establish similar projects to Aqua across Australia on the remaining 8 sites they don’t really want.  A fantastic opportunity!


Economic Benefits

Using the same calculation criteria as for the Mandurah project, the economic benefits of providing homes at Aqua and jobs for 160 people will be:

Annual Welfare Savings

Annual Income Tax Contribution

Total Annual Net Benefit to Government

Construction Contribution

Annual Contribution to Mandurah Economy