Our valued Associates are organisations or companies that share the Sesteem vision and have agreed to bring their particular skill-set to the Sesteem management team. This combination gives Sesteem a management synergy that is second to none.

Sesteem will not employ a large staff. Instead, we will surround ourselves with a select number of specialist consultants that can jointly provide all the services we need to address any problems on any of our projects.

Our emerging team of Associates provides the core to this concept. We only align with the best!

Sushi Digital is a dynamic one-stop digital agency that provides innovative online solutions for all types of business, including NFPs. Sushi was the first company, ever, to offer us assistance in setting up Sesteem. The Sushi design team put a great deal of effort into designing the Sesteem logo and they set up our first website – all completely pro bono. We will remain forever grateful to Tricia and Milko for the tremendous help they gave us in the early days.

B Cubed is a certified B Corporation accountancy practice that provides advisory, accounting and reporting services to small and medium sized enterprises, including NFPs. The Sesteem model is based on establishing a range of Social Enterprise businesses on behalf of other NFPs. Bronwyn and the B Cubed team will provide consistent accounting services to each of these businesses.

Archiplan is a very socially conscious architectural practice based in South Perth. They lead the way in innovative construction practice including low cost multi-generational developments. Ron, the principal, devotes a great deal of his time to helping NFPs with architectural and social solutions. The Archiplan team has provided the design for our Mandurah container module development, initially on a pro bono basis. This support has been paramount to getting this project off the ground. We sincerely thank Archiplan for their support and look forward to working with Ron and the team on many more future projects.

In2steel is a subsidiary company of Great Living Homes that manufactures all the steel frames for their new home constructions. Rob and his team at In2steel will convert the original sea containers into modular home units that will make up the Mandurah development.

Socially AptSociallyApt is a one-stop consultancy specializing in everything social. It helps small to medium sized enterprises, including NFPs, maximize the benefits of social media to increase exposure. The consultancy is owned and run by Danielle, our Sesteem Founder and Team Member. Dan manages, among other things, the Sesteem website and all our social media activities.

Key2Creative is socially conscious design agency that helps public sector and not-for-profit organisations with everything from branding and communications material to a full range of print, web and digital media services. Alan and the Key2Creative team designed our fantastic Game Changers logo and we look forward to working with them on new projects into the future.

Great Living Homes is a prominent Mandurah based home builder that has been operating for 25 years. Recently they have devised a completely innovative jacking system that allows floors of buildings to be built on the ground and then jacked up to provide several storeys, eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding.

Great Living Homes will become the prime contractor on our 28 unit Mandurah development. We are delighted to be working with their resident architect, Amy, to design the interior layouts of our modular home units manufactured from recycled sea containers.