Why we started out in Peel.

In early 2015 the Peel Development Commission announced a round of grant funding to encourage community development in the region. We prepared an application for funds to establish a pilot project to provide housing and jobs to a small group of people under our ‘Homeless Starter Pack’ model.

Our request for funding was declined but we decided to persevere with an initial program in the Peel region. The conditions were encouraging: We had entered into discussions with Mandurah City Council to lease a block of land for the residential component of the project, we had reached agreement with Homestead for Youth that we could establish the food growing component on their land and the PDC, although providing no funding, was very supportive.

Futhermore, we recognized that the Peel region is one of the most disadvantaged in the whole of Australia and we felt that we might be able to make an impact.

Current Projects


Sustainable Social Housing – Mandurah Residential

Sesteem will work with established homeless service providers to select tenants for housing/job creation projects all over the country. The first project of this kind will be in Mandurah. We have designed a visually attractive housing complex, based on recycled sea containers for this purpose. Near to the housing complex, Sesteem will  fund and manage a fresh food growing business that will provide full time employment for each of the residents.

Read More about this innovative project.


Old Aqua Caravan Park

Another project in the pipeline is to redevelop the old Aqua Caravan Park, located on Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah into a low cost housing village based on the Sesteem model. We are currently working with Spotlight to secure a joint venture in which 160 home units will be built on the site, along with swimming pool, tennis courts and other recreational facilities.

Read More about the potential development


Try, Test & Learn Centre

Many homeless adults and at-risk youth do not have the opportunity to try out new skills that could put them a career path. The TTL centre will fill that gap. TTL Centre will consist of a series of equipped activity buildings and outdoor areas where anybody can come in and try their skills at a new activity. Activities will be coordinated by accredited volunteers supported by TAFE and, in some cases, universities.  Read More


Container Homes

Container homes have come along way in recent years and provide an economical alternative to current housing solutions. We wanted to incorporate this into our Mandurah development by converting recycled sea containers into comfortable home units.We approached the Mandurah based steel fabrication company In2steel and they agreed to work with us to design the modules. Read More


Other Business Opportunities

While the core Sesteem business model is based on food production, we will also explore innovative business opportunities that require a relatively low level of labour skills but can also be very lucrative.

These might include small goods production, 3D printing and component manufacture using fungi.