Try, Test & Learn Centre


The TTL program is an initiative set up by the federal Dept. of Social Services.  Early this year we submitted an idea and request for funding to DSS to set up a TTL Centre that would serve the H4Y kids and also our clients from Mandurah.  Our request was declined.

With the addition of some 160 new people at Aqua, the concept of a TTL Centre makes even more sense.  As mentioned, we would like to establish this centre on the H4Y land at Furnissdale, next to Aqua.

The TTL Centre will consist of a series of equipped activity buildings and outdoor areas where anybody can come in and try their skills at a new activity.  Activities will include horticulture, workshop (car restoration), carpentry (supported by Men’s Shed), computers, social media, graphic design, hospitality, arts (photography/video), cooking, fabric design (Spotlight will manufacture and sell the fabrics) and anything else we can think of.  Activities will be coordinated by accredited volunteers supported by TAFE and, in some cases, universities.

Most homeless adults and also at-risk youth do not have an opportunity to try out new skills that could put them on a career path.  The TTL centre will fill that gap.  Participants can try out as many activities as they want.  Once they have found something they enjoy, we will guide them into further study, mostly through TAFE.  During this time we will either provide them with work experience in a Sesteem managed Social Enterprise business or find them a placement with a local company.





Economic Benefits

Using the same calculation criteria as for the Mandurah project, the economic benefits of providing homes at Aqua and jobs for 160 people will be:

Annual Welfare Savings

Annual Income Tax Contribution

Total Annual Net Benefit to Government

Construction Contribution

Annual Contribution to Mandurah Economy